CARE Training Intro Workshop ONLINE

Get key maps & practices to navigate the territory of psycho-somatic healing & empowerment for individual & group therapy
Transform your life!


What's included?

  • 1 Certification
  • 3 Video sessions + audios
  • 1 Demonstration
  • 3 New clinical practices

Train your heart.

You will learn how to develop somatic and affective resiliency with mindfulness practices.

Build professional skills.

You will also learn essential  maps for healing and empowerment of  your clients.
Meet the instructor

Boaz B. Feldman

Boaz facilitated this introductory workshop with his dear friend, psychologist and co-teacher Heath Wilson.

They are both psychologists with long-standing clinical experience in working transdiagnostically with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and personal development.
Boaz B. Feldman - Clinical Psychologist
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