CARE Video Series

Learn to read your  clients' nervous system states and provide precise, elegant and powerful interventions to build  their resiliency and empowerment in individual & group therapy!
Precise clinical interventions with demos

What's included?

  • Maps & meta-maps of clinical  practice
  • Many videos with real clinical sessions & analysis
  • Educational slides
  • New evidence-based somatic & systemic interventions

Read nervous systems

You will learn how to develop your clients' somatic and affective resiliency by understanding  the different nervous system states.

Work with groups online

You will see many demos  of group therapy, learn maps & interventions to build harmony and develop confidence working with groups online.
Meet the instructor

Boaz B. Feldman

Boaz is an experienced psychologist, keynote speaker and trauma trainer acting for worldwide positive change. He has worked with numerous international organisations (UNHCR, UNOCHA, WHO, Doctors Without Borders) in a variety of humanitarian contexts.

Trained in Mindfulness for over 15 years, Boaz first ordained as a Buddhist Monk in Thailand, and then studied at the University of Bangor. Based in Switzerland, he has been train in Somatic Experiencing and taught as the main faculty in Europe for Organic Intelligence.
Boaz B. Feldman - Clinical Psychologist
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